MinRASY PROJECTS, Consumed, I, 2016, video

Operating Hours: 

Ramallah Recreational Complex, daily from 9:00–22:00;
Billboard at Ramallah City Centre, near the Bank of Jordan, appears every 30 minutes
Billboard at Al Masyoun Junction, appears every 30 minutes.
Runs through 31 October, 2016


‘/Tilted/’ is the title of a collection of artworks that have resulted from either moving toward something or in defense of something. There is a tilt that did happen here, an interrogation of why matters are conducted as they are, and in relation to what. Has a consumption of a daily activity replaced the need for another widely embraced ritual? Is our consumption in new rituals tilting our perspective to new forms of dynamics of how we are connecting and forming?

Exhibited in the Ramallah Recreational Complex and on two outdoor public billboards, the works involve physical action by the body. Two video works, Consumed,I and Consumed,II are comments on what may be a daily engagement that is consuming. Metaphors for a Series of Actions on Inactions is a video commenting on the possibilities of what may be an action, and what may be an inaction. Still/Here., three photographic works, addresses contemporary culture in-situ and the over-arching popularity of androgyny. In the video work Recipe to make Plain M&Ms, peanut M&M’s have the core peanut removed to become a plain M&M. What would a return to an original state entail?



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