A Series of Un-Curated Events

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Open daily from 11:00–18:00 except on Thursdays and Fridays. Runs through 26 October, 2016. 



In the geopolitical and historical circumstances we have been living and experiencing in Palestine, memory, heritage, mobility, space, home and return are concepts loaded with a multitude of meanings and significance. Their signification in the context of Palestine stems mainly from their concrete absence or the lack of concrete relations to these concepts. And like the catastrophe that has been producing and conditioning their meanings and signification, they cannot be objectively and systematically captured. The current discourses, approaches, and for that matter speculations, can neither capture nor conceal such absence. Within the 3rd Qalandiya International, Riwaq proposes a series of un-curated events in the form of hikes, sessions of knowledge exchange and exhibitions that question these taken-for-granted concepts, allowing for renewed meanings and relations to emerge and intermingle with the concrete landscapes of Palestine.

Bawabet Yafa (Jaffa Gate)
‘Bawabet Yafa’ is a multimedia exhibition that questions the notion of heritage and memory in Palestine by looking into the space of Jaffa Gate through the lens of early photography in Palestine and the lively memories of Wasif Jawhariyyeh. This narrative tells an alternative story of the relationship between the material past and the national imagination that takes future generations into account and shows that the built environment, although not recognized as heritage, was part of the spatial discourse concerned with knowledge production about past events (in the future). ‘Bawabet Yafa’ makes it possible to speculate, “What would have happened if Jawhariyyeh had kicked Ashby’s butt?”
‘Bawwabet Yafa’. Multimedia exhibition. Research and production: Riwaq, 2016. Hosh el Etem, Birzeit historic centre, Palestine.
Open daily: 7–27 October 2016, 11:00–18:00. Closed Thursdays and Fridays.

Safirni (Deport Me): I don’t want blockades

Like water and air, mobility is a human right.
The idea of this project is based on the ability of art to break the barriers imposed by the occupation over Palestine. Through means of contemporary interpretations, the video of a theatrical performance integrating projection-mapping technology highlights mobility barriers, notions of crossings, occupation and blockades.
Multi-media collaborative artwork. Ahmed Hamza, Alaa Mahdi, Ali Al-Rozzi and Reham Ghazali, with directions from Tina Sherwell. The research and production of this work has been carried out within the activities of the 5th Riwaq Biennale, and with the support from the Open Society Foundation).
Open daily: 7–27 October 2016, 11:00–18:00. Closed Thursdays and Fridays.


This Mined Land Of Ours

15th May 2011, coinciding with the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba. Palestinian refugees in Syria crossed the border, a mined area of land between Syria and the Golan Heights, marking with that the most serious physical attempt to return to their place of origin.
Video, 2:05 min loop. by Mirna Bamieh. Originally produced for the 2012 Young Artist of the Year Award, organized by the A.M Qattan Foundation.

With contributions from RIWAQ's team, the Abraham Path, Al Jahafil, Rashaydih Bedouins, Hajj ’Amara Saleh and the Rantis community.

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