RE/viewing Jerusalem #2 : REturn

Operating Hours: 

Dates of tours: 6, 16, 22, 29 October & 5 November, 2016


‘RE/viewing Jerusalem #2’ is the culmination of several attempts to re-discover our city, increase the visibility of Palestinian life in Jerusalem and define new forms of social art engagement in the public space.

In mid-September, Palestinian and international artists will come together for the Art Walk in Jerusalem, to work with youth groups and community centres, bringing in their artistic expertise towards the idea of activating public space. Artists from Copenhagen, Wales, London, Bethlehem and Jerusalem will jointly create 6 stations along a walk that starts from Al Hoash to Burj Al-Laqlaq. Their creative ideas will be combined with urban interventions and stories, told within alternative tours, and creating the needed inspiration to follow the claim to re-view the city from a different angle, to discover unexpected niches of Palestinian life and return to the City.

On 6 October, these accumulations of inspiring alternative interventions will be experienced in the ‘RE/viewing Jerusalem #2: REturn’ tour. The starting point is Al Hoash at 15:00. The tour will last for 2 hours and will lead you through the streets of East Jerusalem towards the Old City.