The People of the Sea

Photo by Ashraf Abdelfattah

Operating Hours: 

All days of the week between 16:00-20:00.
Runs through 19 October, 2016


“The People of the Sea’ is one of the first collective initiatives in Palestine to address the motif of the sea as a visual artistic medium through a comprehensive photographic exhibition combining photography, photography-based installation and video works. Many contemporary artistic works of Palestinian culture express the state of loss experienced by the Palestinians that is derived from their attachment to the land. ‘The People of the Sea’ exhibition sheds another light on this state of loss by presenting different implications on the attachment of the Palestinians to the sea and presents their lives as those who live with the sea, and those who were separated from it.

The exhibition will give visual presentation of scenes that portray the current realities of ‘The People of the Sea’ and the longed for reality of those who are exiled and displaced. ‘The People of the Sea’ exhibition provides an artistic arena that motivates artists to present or produce photographic works that relate to this perspective. It is a space that enables them to capture the smallest details of the joy and pain of the fishermen and their relationship to the sea, and to delve deeply into this culturally important narrative. Participating artists and photographers will present various perceptions of the sea, and the exhibition will make a contribution to the formation of an artistic movement that will examine the impact of the loss of the sea on the Palestinians. The exhibition will present this loss; the loss experienced by those who still live by the coast and suffer from a daily state of oppression in regions such as Acre, Jisr Al-Zarqa and Gaza, or by those who were displaced from their coastal villages or cities are not allowed to return.