Pattern Recognition

Inas Halabi, Mnemosyne, 2016. Video still.

Operating Hours: 

Daily from 12:00–18:00, except on Thursdays from 12:00–19:00.  
On Thursdays, a performance by Asma Ghanem at 19:00 at Beit Saa.
Closed on Fridays.
Runs through 31 October, 2016.



‘Pattern Recognition’ brings together newly commissioned work from the nine artists shortlisted for the 2016 edition of the Young Artist of the Year Award (YAYA 2016). The Award is open to Palestinian artists under the age of 30 and is organized every two years by the A.M Qattan Foundation. The projects in the exhibition explore how strategies of repetition open up avenues for critically rethinking issues of time, place, memory and authenticity. Straddling the grey zones between fact and fiction, original and copy, ruin and repair, the works re-imagine the mechanics of representation in the context of Palestine, where geographies, histories and identities are fragmented.

Many of the works focus on how cycles of production are disturbed by forces that make things come undone. This continuous tension between creation and its unravelling functions as a metaphor for the Palestinian condition and as a conduit for the discussion of the complexities of the diverse Palestinian realities these artists live and work in. It is from this reproduction and repetition of certain patterns that the artists reach out to the past and the future and trace a temporal lineage. Repetition becomes a way to traverse different eras, as well as an emancipatory tool for articulating an imaginary. This comes to the fore in the way the artists have edited their sound and video pieces, composed narrative structures, and used imagery and material.

The Award Ceremony will take place on Monday 10 October at 19:30 at A.M. Qattan Foundation in Ramallah. 

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