The Jerusalem Show VIII: ‘Before and After Origins’

From the series ‘Promises’ by Shada Safadeh. Courtesy of the artist.

Operating Hours: 

Open daily, except Sundays, from 14:00–21:00.

Runs through 31 October, 2016



For its 8th edition, the Jerusalem Show extends beyond the wall of the old city for ‘Before and After Origins’, a two-part exhibition considering the theme of Return from the Jerusalem perspective. While 1948 may be considered the origin of Return, the category of ‘origins’ is itself questioned throughout the exhibition, contouring the relations of modernity, colonisation and territorial belonging. In reconsidering the nature of origins, ‘Before and After Origins’ seeks to prise open new dialogues and possible futures of Return. The two venues of the Al Ma’mal Foundation in the Old City and the Youth Activities Center of Shu’fat refugee camp each propose a case study before and after the watershed year of 1948 which witnessed the expulsion of over 60% of the Palestinian population from their land. The exhibitions in both venues offer a prism through which to reflect upon the significance of the Return to the global condition.

With contributions from the Canaan Amulets collection in collaboration with the Birzeit University Museum, as well as contributions from the collection of George Al Ama.


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