‘Memory Matrix’ by Azra Akšamija

‘Memory Matrix’ is an artistic experiment in preserving cultural memory of places affected by conflict and crisis. The project takes the form of a temporary public space installation created through multidisciplinary collaborations and employing new fabrication techniques. The Matrix is made of over 20,000 small fluorescent Plexiglas elements, or pixels. Designed by project participants, these pixels are laser cut with holes outlining vanished heritage across the world—from Syria, Egypt, USA, Jordan, Palestine, to the Philippines, and beyond. The overall arrangement of pixels forms an image evoking vanished heritage pertinent to the project site. The Qalandiya International iteration of ‘Memory Matrix’ outlines Ramallah’s disappeared antennas, commenting on the politics of broadcasting, non-territorial connectivity and preservation of history beyond the ‘Law of the Stone’. This event is in collaboration with RIWAQ - Center for Architectural Conservation. 

A bus will leave Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center at 18:45